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Fons Sonnemans with RollMenu, Frank LaVigne with Community Megaphone SL Map, Martin Mihaylov on LINQ to XML in SL2, John Stockton with What is Silverlight, and How to Learn it, Felix Corke on Designing a SL2B2 skin, Michael Washington with Silverlight Notepad, Michael Scherotter with IE8 Forward/back in SL2, Expression Blend Team resource links for VSM, and Tamir Khason on Actual Width/Height.

Yes boys and girls, this is what happens when you take a weekend off from blogging ... so I'm posting this during lunch to be able to catch the late work this evening.

Jesse Liberty has a couple good posts about his Over the Top Twittering and how to drive yourself crazy or out of time with Web 2.0 Run Amok ... both good reads, and insight into the world Jesse lives in on his road to helping all of us :)

At first I wasn't going to post Shawn Wildermuth's Experimenting with Adobe AIR, but then I read it to see what he was really up to and realized this was about Silverlight and AIR, so go check out what he's up to!

I've not been missing Cameron Albert's postings about his new games, but it wasn't until the one this weekend that I thought I had something someone would be interested in: Perenthia Pre-Alpha Registration. Go check this out... it looks seriously interesting. I'm afraid I have plenty of things to keep me from doing what I should be doing already, so I stifled the urge to sign up :)

Silverlight2 RollMenu
Fons Sonnemans sent me this link, and I like the concept and the way the menu works... and he's got all the source up there including the website... so go grab that... thanks Fons!
Community Megaphone Silverlight Map
I haven't posted about Community Megaphone, but you can all read about it in the references Frank has... Andrew Duthie is responsible for the Megaphone concept, but Frank LaVigne took the event data and linked it to a map of the US ... how cool is that?? And Frank says he's going to be putting up a 'heat' map as well... good stuff!
Using LINQ to XML in Silverlight 2
Martin Mihaylov has an article up on SilverlightShow about LINQ to XML ... I think the title says it all, and it's done in Martin's great tutorial style with a bunch of links to other references ... a good post, Martin!
What is Silverlight
John Stockton wrote a very nice post on What is Silverlight ... funny, I had someone just ask me that about 2 weeks ago... I think I'll send him this link :) John follwed that up with How to Learn Silverlight , and I'm showing that here, even though he didn't include SilverlightCream as a resource... or my other site :)
Designing a Silverlight 2 Beta 2 Skin with Blend - Free download (with source files!)
Felix Corke sent me this link from his blog. He's produced a very nice subdued-color skin, and talks through how he did it in Blend, plus has the source, and links out to other resources. Need to see what else he has on his blog :)
Intermediate Level - Creating a "Silverlight Notepad" module
Michael Washington added another piece to the SilverlightDesktop with this great detailed tutorial on building a new module for his SilverlightDesktop project... maybe you should go install SilverlightDesktop :)
IE8 Forward/Back in a Silverlight 2 (Beta 2) Application
Michael Scherotter revisited the IE8 back/forward code from a few days ago with this one in SL2B2... I'm a tad late posting it... he actually only took a day to get it going in B2! ... and all the code is available!
More articles on Visual State Manager
The Expression Blend Team Blog posted a nice list of VSM links ... it's nice having these together, but the only one that's not already in the SC database is the one from Steven White ... and wow... they've got a bunch of videos out there... I'm adding that to the SC blog list and will be posting some links to them myself :)
Quick Silverlight tip: Why my ActualWidth and ActualHeight equal 0?
Tamir Khason posted this short and to the point article that will help you figure out why ActualWidth and ActualHeight are not, well, actual... :)

Stay in the 'Light!

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Sorry for not adding cream to the resources, I truly meant to :). That little problem has now been fixed.
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Just pulling your chain John... but thanks anyway :)
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