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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Rajeev Goel with Silverlight Nuggets, Michael Scherotter on SL and IE8, Adam Kinney reports on Extreme Panoramic Project, Dan Wahlin on Controls (2), Expression Team on Deep Zoom Composer fix, Mike Snow on Game Loops, Shawn Burke with Updated Control Tutorial, and chrishayuk with FileOpen.

Rajeev sent me this earlier this week, and I actually pushed it out to the database and twitter, but he caught me before I blogged it, so some of you may have seen it already. This is very nicely done, and a great way to archive/lookup/review controls. I can think of multiple uses for this and I think Rajeev and I need to talk some more :) ... go check it out... and keep clicking on stuff!
How IE8 Will Enables Silverlight Deep Linking and Browser Back/Forward Navigation
Michael sent me this link, and I'm guessing he may be out there a bit ahead of some of us using IE8, but hey ... we were using Silverlight when it was still WPF/E, so, why not ... and this definitely looks like good stuff... now if I can just get them to let me put IE7 on the machine at work.... (seriously)
Extreme Panoramic Project on Surface and Silverlight
This by way of Adam Kinney and is one of the most outrageous efforts I think I've seen. 70 volunteer hikers with automatic cameras, a gps, and communication device each set out to a specific spot, some it took 2 days just to hike in! Once everyone was in place, and ready, on a countdown, all the cameras were started, and it took 40 minutes to take all the pictures. 10,000 photographs in total making up an estimated 45 GigaPixel image (if I wrote that down right)! They demo what they have on a MS Surface, and when complete, it's going to be DZ and SL... wow! ... watch the video to the end and check out the 'controls' that are used to operate the Surface ... that's worth the price of admission all by itself... coolest thing I saw all day!
Getting Started with Silverlight 2 Controls
Dan Wahlin has pushed out a couple more articles, these two on SL2 controls ... good stuff as usual... what would you expect :) ... this first one is controls in general and the second is on Using Silverlight 2 Layout Controls
Deep Zoom Composer : (Possible) Collection Layout FIX
The Expression Blend Team blogged a possible collection layout fix in response to forum postings of people having trouble. Basically, if this was you... check it out pretty simple :)
Tip of the Day #16 - StoryBoard versus DispatcherTimer for Animation and Game Loops
Mike Snow takes his shot at Storyboard vs Dispatcher Timer for a game loop, and comes to the conclusion everyone else has that storyboards are the way... at least I'm in good company. I was asked back in WPF/E days about a timer, and I used a storyboard... woot!
Updated Silverlight Control Tutorial for Silverlight 2 Beta 2
Shawn Burke has updated his Control sample to B2 just in time to be another example to use in learning how to get one of the great prizes in the competition :)
Open File Dialog and Local Media Files
chrishayuk investigates the FileOpen dialog ... and dang... he's opening media files and just having a grand time... check it out!

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