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Karen Corby on VSM part 2, Jesse Liberty on upcoming Webcasts, a Coffee-break Webcast with Martha Rotter, Tamir Khason discusses formatting and validating a TextBox, Brad Abrams on his FlickR demo, Mark Rideout's TechEd session, Laurence Moroney's SL2 book is out, and Lee on TabItem styling.
On the recurring subject of updating to SL2B2, Jeff Prosise has updated his samples to B2, if you haven't seen them, go take a look... good stuff as you'd expect from Jeff!

Parts & States Model with VisualStateManager (Part 2 of 4)
Stop reading and take this link to Karen's blog... you didn't do it did you?? <pause> ok that should give you enough time :) </pause> Great material as expected, read her first one first!
New Live Presentation Series – Starts 6/25
Jesse Liberty has a bunch of webcasts lined up... register now so you don't forget later and be mad at yourself ... oh wait, that's what *I* usually do...
Webcast - The Net Coffee Break Show
MS Ireland is starting a 'Coffee Break Show' of 15-minute webcasts and the first one will be Martha Rotter speaking on Silverlight. It's at 11AM GMT, so let's see... Holy Crap... that's 7 hours ahead of me in Phoenix, so umm... I'll have to set my alarm for 4am to attend this in my jammies, or wait for it to be way or the other... should be good to watch!
Quick Silverlight tip: How to set format and validate value in TextBox?
Tamir Khason takes a shot at formatting and validating SL Textboxes ... interesting material, thanks Tamir!
Updated Silverlight FlickR demo for Beta2
Brad Abrams updated his FlickR app, and has some enhancements/changes listed, particularly in the area of Isolated Storage.
TechEd Session Building a Silverlight Application Project
Mark Rideout has posted his TechEd material... definitely one to take a read.
New Silverlight 2 Book
Laurence Moroney's Silverlight 2 book is now out at MS Press... if you were at MIX you got a pre-copy of it, and I'm looking forward to seeing the real thing!
Customizing TabItem Style(no coding)
Lee takes aim at the TabItem style and does so in xaml... how's that for a change in this B2 world :)

Stay in the 'Light!

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