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Nikolay Raychev on Cookies, Martin Mihaylov on the DeepZoom composer, Adam Kinney on Procedural Animation and 3rd Party SL Controls, Corey Schuman on DIV over SL, Andy Beaulieu Ported Out, Dan Wahlin on pushing data with WCF, Tim Heuer on FF3 and SL, and Nikhil Kothari on ViewModel Pattern in SL.

Cookies in Silverlight Web Requests
Nikolay Raychev posted this article this morning, and is a good drill-down into membership using cookies and how Silverlight is involved. He has links out to Karen Corby for other useful information.
Changes in the new DeepZoom Composer
Martin Mihaylov posted this one where he discusses changes to the DeepZoom composer and goes on to give screenshots of the process, and links out to other articles as appropriate... very nice if you haven't used this yet!
Procedural Animation in Silverlight 2
Remember the animation Adam did when B2 hit? ... well... he is showing that in the course of explaining his premise for this post... good stuff to read, and better... there's code to look at :)
3rd party Silverlight controls
Adam has also started a post of 3rd Party Controls that are available, so this post of his would be a good one to aggregate for when you go control shopping.
Div on top of Silverlight
Corey Schuman digs into placing a Div over a SL2 app, and problems you can find yourself dealing with.
I'm All Ported Out
Any Beaulieu had finished porting all his work to SL2B2 ... if you haven't visited his site before, you'll lose some time playing with everything and reading :)
Pushing Data to a Silverlight Client with a WCF Duplex Service - Part I
Dan Wahlin, one of Phoenix' Rock Stars has put up Part I of a series on Pushing Data to Silverlight with Duplex WCF ... lots of code, lots of discussion, lots of links ... woohoo!
Firefox 3 and Silverlight
Another Phoenix Rock Star, Tim Heuer, jumps into the FF3 fray and discusses that whole FF3/SL thing and has LOTS of links to support his comments... good reading!
ViewModel Pattern in Silverlight using Behaviors
Nikhil Kothari has a very nice (as usual) article on the ViewModel Pattern in Silverlight... awesome job as I would expect!

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