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Mino has a SL2B2 video player drop-in, Emil Stoychev on Custom Controls, Tamir Khason on a binding bug, sly_i on localization, Peter McGrattan on B2 namespaces, Expression Encoder Team on SLS plugin, Corrina Barber updated 2 skins, Pete Brown on VS support for SL, Bill Reiss updated Dr. Popper, Andrew Brown describes building Fragmenti, Dave Relyea with Transition Effects, Peter Bromberg on Data, Shawn Wildermuth on DeepZoom, and Free Training CD from AppDev.

Yikes... Doesn't look like I can take a day off, or even a weekend... I had I thought a few yesterday... was 5 actually, so figured with everything else I'd wait.. oops, now there's 14! ... fun abounds for us all... and yeah I know I have some typos and a duplicate in the latest entries, but I'm too tired to do them now :)

MinoPlayer a silverlight video player
This is a fun little SL2B2 video player xap from "Mino" that you can drop into your site, set some parameters and go... I'm expecting to see more of this sort of thing...
Creating a Silverlight Custom Control - The Basics
Emil Stoychev jumps into the Custom Controls arena ... good fundamental write-up to add to your list of things to keep handy!
UserControl binding to own property bug in Sliverlight 2.0 beta 2
Tamir Explains a UserControl databinding problem and a work-around for it.
Creating a localizable Silverlight 2.0 Application
"sly_i" ... that's all I could find for a name :) .. but he/she has a nice shopping list of steps to produce a localizable SL2 app just using markup... I know this is a hot-button on some fronts and the link for this came from Adam Kinney.
Beta 2 Xaml Namespaces
Peter McGrattan gives a very nice write-up on B2 xaml namespaces... diagrams, the whole works!
Silverlight Streaming Publishing Plugin for Expression Encoder 2 is out!
I found this reference via Andrew Duthie...The Expression Encoder team has released a preview of the SLS publishing plugin for Expression Encoder 2.
Red and Flat Skins Updated for Beta 2
Corrina Barber has upgraded two of her control skin sets to B2 ... if you haven't seen these before, now is a great time to take a look!
Visual Studio 2008 and Silverlight 2 Beta 2 - Supported Versions
Pete Brown responds to a query at a Silverlight TechFest and explains what exactly supports SL2B2 development.
Dr. Popper now on SL2B2
I found this link via Shawn Wildermuth... Bill Reiss has ported his Dr. Popper game to B2 and has the source for XNA available for download... very cool :)
Fragmenti Builder Notes
Andrew Brown responds to writers and details his notes during the building of Fragmenti that I blogged about last week.
Navigation with Animated Transition Effects
Dave Relyea gives us some examples of doing page transition effects. I'm not big into those, but animations are good to see working, and some people like them a lot :)
Silverlight 2 Beta 2 - Doing Data Part I
Peter Bromberg jumps into Silverlight and Data ... and that can only be good based on other work I've captured from Peter!
Misleading Docs on DeepZoom and MultiScaleImage Control
Shawn Wildermuth exposes a problem with the documentation on DeepZoom in B2.
Free Silverlight 2 training CD
Tim Heuer blogged about this and then got promptly spanked by a bunch of readers. I guess the bottom-line is if you're not familiar at all with Silverlight, it may be good. What the heck, it's free... take a look!

Stay in the 'Light!

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