Phoenix Silverlight User's Group Meeting Wednesday June 4, 2008

Now that Desert Code Camp is behind us, the next event up is the monthly Phoenix Silverlight User's Group Meeting on Wednesday June 4 from 6 to 8 pm.

We meet at Interface Technical Training and the networking is worth the price of admission (free)

Don't take my word for it, come on out and join us and see for yourself... who knows what fun stuff we may have to give away also!

Stay in the 'Light!

Desert Code Camp IV behind us

Many thanks to Lorin Thwaits and the sponsors: Infusionsoft, Neudesic, and JumpBox, and all the volunteers and presenters at Desert Code Camp today in Phoenix.

The turn-out seemed lighter to me than some of the ones in the past, but the sessions I attended were crowded with people sitting on the floor.

I started the day off with Simon Allardice giving a great presentation on Silverlight Zero to Hero. High entertainment as usual, Simon... and great information and perspective!

Next I was torn between continuing that energy level with Spike Xavier doing css, or Dan Wahlin on Silverlight2 and data. Dan won out of course, sorry Spike! ... great talk Dan, lots of information, and I'll definitely be pulling the files off your blog!

I finished the day off with Scott Cate on C# 3.5 Compiler tricks ... he was test-driving his TechEd presentation, so guess I don't need to go now :) ... good stuff, interesting useful information about Partial Classes, and methods, Extension Methods and Lambda Expressions. I'll watch for your material after TechEd.

There were others I'd have liked to have attended, but life gets in the way sometimes, so I cut it short there after talking to some folks on the way out.

A good day and another great Desert Code Camp on the books!

Stay in the 'Light!


Sitting at Desert Code Camp

Sitting in the computer area of UAT waiting for Simon Allardice to do his session on Silverlight at 10:10 ...

Scott Cate hooked me up with a login for while I was here talking to him, and I already have a database up and running on watch for a post about that in a bit. But you can go to the site and watch intro videos for now.

Looking forward to meeting and saying hello to lots of my Phoenix friends today.

It's not too late to come down if you're in the area!

Stay in the 'Light!