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Corey Schuman on Animations in Blend, Jeff Wilcox on SL Link Cloud, Expression Media Team on Web Galleries, MSCUI on Patien Journey Demonstrator, Via Tecia on My Travel Management, and Jesse Libery on Dynamic User Controls firing Events back.

Animations in Blend
I'm not sure if what Corey is describing in this article will be good in Blend 2.5 for Silverlight 2, but I blog enough WPF things that this is all good info, and I figure eventually will be useful to us Silverlighters :)... besides, it looks pretty cool!
Homepage “link cloud" application
Jeff Wilcox has taken on something I've threatened to do for a while and that is to do a tag cloud in Silverlight. This one is a bit interesting in that you can take it on as your own, and use it as a home page... clever idea!
Silverlight Web Galleries
The Expression Media Team blog has this nice demo on setting up a Silverlight Web Gallery. They're demo'ing the one that ships with Expression Media 2, but others can be produced (and shared).
Patient Journey Demonstrator
I found this Patien Journey demo via Tim Heuer, and Tim Sneath, and is from the Microsoft Common User Interface organization that Tim Sneath credits to Martin Grayson. Whoever is involved, these are serious uses of Silverlight, and something we can all use as great examples. I wish it was a little more interactive as a demo... I wasn't able to actually do anything once I got the Administrator screen open, but it looks GREAT. I was able to make it fall over though ... and oops... it appears seriously stuck in that mode now :(
My Travel Management
Another link from Tim Heuer on the same page as the last one... this is a take-of (no pun intended) on the Silverlight Airlines app that we've all seen. This uses real data, but is a demo app... not as slick-looking as the MSCUI one, but definitely a serious piece of work. I love the flyovers on the flight information. They don't just appear, they expand into view. It's a tad disconcerting that the bottom refreshes as I get small flyovers on the airport names in the upper view though.... but hey, who am I to detract from all this :)
Dynamically Creating User Controls That Fire Events Back To You
Jesse Liberty posted this yesterday afternoon and I saw it on my way out the door... this continues his "create something dynamically" postings he's been doing. This one almost sounds like one of those pranks I pulled back in the DOS days... dynamically create a user control that ends up closing itself, removes itself from the container and fires a message back to mom that it's done... hmmm... have to remember that when the use case strikes me :) ... lots of SL goodness in here, don't throw it out because you can't think of an application for it!

Stay in the 'Light!

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Requesting Gravatar...
Thanks for posting re: the Patient Journey Demonstrator. We are interested in any feedback you have, especially if you are having problems accessing it - it may be something we can fix in the next release.

If you are able, can you ping me via my blog with details of any issues an I can take a look.

Thanks again!
Left by Martin Grayson on May 09, 2008 3:11 AM

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