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Jeff Paries' Bird Hunt Game, Adam Kinney's 3-part series on a Gamercard app, Jose Fajardo with part 2 of his Digg Mashup, Laurent Bugnion with User Controls in separate assemblies, Karen Corby with part 2 of Networking, Kirupa with Blend/SL Hands-On Lab, Daniel Moth on getting SL2 info, and Tim Heuer with videos of his latest posts.

Silverlight Games - Bird Hunt
Michael Washington Demo'd this game from Jeff to me on Wednesday at the end of Scott Morrison's session but I got the impression I couldn't blog it. I've been busy since then, but here ya go, Jeff! and BTW Michael... from what I saw, you're no good at hunting :)
Building the Gamercard Part 1, Composing the UI
Adam Kinney not only did a 3-part series on building a GamerCard app, but he posted all three the same day! Lots of good Silverlight love in the articles even if you're not a gamer :)
Building the Gamercard Part 2, Retrieving the Data
Adam Kinney's part 2 ... and even if you ARE a gamer :)
Building the Gamercard Part 3, Updating the UI
Adam's 3rd part ... notice I'm running out of witty things to say? -- Adam's titles pretty well say it all!
My "Digg Mashup" that taught me so much about Silverlight 2.0 beta - part 1
Jose Fajardo has a 2-part (so far) Digg Mashup series posted. In the first part he works on the UI, which is exceptional as usual.
My "Digg Mashup" part 2 - laying your project out
Jose's part 2 -- discussing the files and file layout of the project.. why things are where they are and how they're used... also discussion usercontrols and skins... Jose's always a great read!
Silverlight: Packing user controls in separate assemblies
Laurent Bugnion dispenses with the myth of packing user controls separatedly and demonstrates NOT doing so.
Silverlight HTTP Networking Stack - Part 2 (Cross Domain Communication Overview)
This is part 2 of Karen Corby's series that is now going to be 3 parts :) This time discussion the cross-domain issues from a higher level.
End to End Hands on Lab – Blend 2.5 and Silverlight 2!
Kirupa from the Expression Blog has Hands-on Lab that should have quite a bit of interest for Silverlight developers.
Silverlight 2 Essential Getting Started Facts and Guide
Daniel Moth backed up after some feedback and decided to do a simple explain what you're doing for beginners-type article with lots of links ... looks like a good one to bookmark when those pesky questions arise :)
New Silverlight videos posted
Tim Heuer has some videos on that track a couple of his latest articles!

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Dave it was great hanging out with you at the MVP Summit. Yes I am lousy at hunting. It serves me right for trying to show off and demonstrate the game on the Medium setting. I should have used the easy setting :)
Left by Michael Washington on Apr 18, 2008 4:49 PM

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