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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Michael Washington provides a Hello World SL2/DNN, Karen Corby has part 1 of 2 on SL2 and Networking, Laurent Bugnion talks about SL2/JS/Unit Testing, DeepZoom Composer Forum from Expression BLog, Andy Beaulieu's material from a SL2/Data CodeCamp talk, Adam Kinney on SL2 Sidebar Gadgets on Vista 64, and LeeOnTech with a Silverlight Wizard.

DotNetNuke Silverlight Hello World
Michael Washington decided to start at Hello World with a DNN/Silverlight 2 series... he's been doing DNN with Silverlight for a quite a while, so should be good!
Silverlight HTTP Networking Stack – Part 1 (Site of Origin Communication)
Karen Corby displays part 1 of a 2-parter on the SL2 Networking stack. If this is anywhere near as complete as her other work... go get it now and come back :)
Silverlight unit testing and JavaScript
Laurent Bugnion discusses Unit Testing with SL2 and JavaScript and thing to do and not to do.
Deep Zoom Composer Forum + Filtering Code/Example
The Expression Blog Team has started a DeepZoom composer forum and has a link to a filtering article as well.
Silverlight 2 for Data Apps
Andy Beaulieu gave a Code Camp presentation on SL2 and Data and has all his materials including a webcast available for that!
Silverlight Sidebar Gadgets on Windows Vista 64-bit edition
Adam Kinney discusses how to get SL2 to work in Sidebar Gadgets on Vista 64
Silverlight wizard
Lee has a nice layout tutorial describing a proposed Silverlight Wizard

Stay in the 'Light!

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