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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
LeeOnTech blogs about a SL Modal Dialog, Scott Guthrie on Existing UI == UserControl, Chad Campbell has an update on his book, Chris Carper started blogging about the Business of SL, Adam Kinney blogged his new GamerCard, Dan Wahlin on ItemsControl Templates, Jaime Rodriguez on SL2 Instantiation, Jesse Liberty on SQL to DataGrid via WCF/LINQ, and Laurent Bugnion on a bug with skewing and opacity masks on reflections.

I forgot to mention that Pete Brown of Irritated Vowel has changed his RSS feed to feedburner, so you're going to want to grab the new one I just linked :)

Modal Dialog
Lee extrapolates from material by Karen Corby to produce a Modal Dialog with source as usual!
Tip/Trick: Creating and Using Silverlight and WPF User Controls
Scott Guthrie [the synopsis should end there... Scott Gu - 'nuff said :) ].. ok starting over, Scott Guthrie posted a great Tip/Trick on taking existing UI pieces and turning them into User Controls.
DataGrid and DeepZoom Info Available in Silverlight 2 in Action
Chad Campbell has an update on his book, and reports DataGrid and DeepZoom to be in there.. go get yourself signed up for the "Early Access" program so you can read all Chad's goodness!
The Business of Silverlight
By way of Laurence Moroney, we've got a new Silverlight blogger and this one from the Business side, so it may be an interesting read, written by Chris Carper.
Xbox Friends Watch - releasing v1 of the new Gamercard
By way of Shawn Wildermuth, Adam Kinney has posted a Gamercard setup on his site. I'll leave it there... I don't have a Gamercard and after looking at his blogpost, I'm not sure what it is but it's something to do with XBOX Live and if you're there, you know, so go get it :)
Using Silverlight 2 ItemsControl Templates
Dan Wahlin blogs about ItemsControl Templates and in the course of doing so, references a Wrap Panel that we should all go get, and leads into his next blog post... how's that for a hat trick?? ... oh yeah... code-o-rama, thanks Dan!
Silverlight instantiation on 2.0
Jaime Rodriguez got a question about the Silverlight OBJECT and in his normal style took off and produced a very nice tutorial on the why and wherefore's... a short but keep-able read!
Tutorial: Data From a SQL DB via WCF (using LINQ)
Anyone reading this one that's not been keeping up is going to be screaming for a dictionary... Jesse Liberty blogged about pulling data from SQL into a DataGrid via WCF and LINQ... see what I mean? If that all makes sense... you'll definitely want to read it :) ... hey... that sounds like what I was talking to John Stockton to use on SilverlightCream!
Silverlight Bug: Transforms and OpacityMask
Laurent has uncovered either an on-going or a recurring bug dealing with skews and Opacity Masks ... this is a tad deep... I wonder if I had the problem and didn't know it in my reflection builder?...

Stay in the 'Light!

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