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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Michael Sync posted a list of SL2B1 problems, Rob Houweling produced a Motion Blur demo, LeeOnTech with a SL2 MasterPage proposal, egoZd on uploading with SL2 and asmx Web Services, Laurent Bugnion's bug tracking of the ScrollViewer, Scott Guthrie on Unit Testing, and 4 very cool articles by Karsten Januszewski.

Lest I forget, everyone should go watch the Silverlight Rehab video... this is hilarious!

Silverlight 2 (beta1) Known Issues and workarounds (if any)
Michael Sync wrote in with a list of known (at the time of writing) problems with SL2 ... maybe we can get this list compared to the official ones ... that is assuming we know someone that has access :)
Motion blur in Silverlight 2
Responding to an apparent April Fool's prank yesterday, Rob Houweling produced a very nice Motion Blur demo ... no source (yet)... but it looks good!
Silverlight MasterPages
Lee continues with a blog post proposing a way to do SL2 MasterPages. I'm having trouble copying from his pages, but maybe it's my installation...
Uploading with Silveright 2 Beta 1 and ASMX Web Service
egoZd posts by way of Michael Sync's blog on Uploading with SL2 and an asmx Web Service instead of the WCF ones... interesting!
Silverlight 2 beta 1: ScrollViewer with auto-layout crashes both IE and FF
Laurent Bugnion found a problem with the ScrollViewer and Auto-Layout that crashes, but possibly not repeatably...enough so to get it accepted as a real bug!
Unit Testing with Silverlight
Scott Guthrie discusses the Unit Testing setup with SL2 and points us to a blog post by Jeff Wilcox for some great SL2 Unit testing information.
Reading a file from the server in Silverlight 2
Karsten Januszewski started a series of four articles with this one on reading a file from the server. It doesn't look all that difficult, but I'm glad he did it first :)
Using A UserControl As A DataTemplate in Silverlight 2 and Blend 2
Karsten's second I'm reporting on is Using a UserControl as a DataTemplate. There is a gotcha in the middle, but all the code is available!
What To Do When Breakpoints Disappear and Debugging Dies In Silverlight 2
If your Breakpoints disappear and you find yourself no longer debugging in Silverlight 2, that may or may not mean your code is fine! ... check out the fix Karsten has!
Tweaking The Default Styles For Silverlight 2 Controls
This one goes along quite nicely with one from Delay a few days ago, and discusses using the generic.xaml file for tweaking control styles.

Stay in the 'Light!

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