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Michael Sync on User Control Inheritance, Expression Team provides DeepZoom collection example, Pete Brown on Isolated Storage, Shawn Burk on Templated Controls, Laurent Bugnion on Zipped files and SL2, Corrina Barber on Skinning SL2 controls and Hooking Data up to Listbox and Datagrid.

Silverlight 2 (beta1): User Control Inheritance
Michael Sync steps up to the plate with an Sl2 article on User Control Inheritance. There's some issues that he explains, and has links out to forum discussions, but very cool code and explanation!
Deep Zoom Collections Example
The Expression Team Blog has a great DeepZoom sample of a collection of photos. With source and examples... too cool!
State Management and Isolated Storage in Silverlight 2 Beta 1
Pete Brown went all-out in this Isolated Storage article... there's LOTS of goodness in here...!
Tutorial: Writing a Templated Silverlight 2 Control
Shawn Burke provides us a great tutorial on a templated SL2 control... Great explanation and links plus... all the code... thanks Shawn!
Silverlight: Downloading Zipped files with the WebClient (stand Silverlight 2 beta 1)
Laurent Bugnion tackles the downloader question from over the weekend and explains how it is done in SL2... this on on his site, not his blog... good stuff!
Silverlight 2 Control Skins
I actually blogged this the other day by way of Brad Abrams, but after Laurent and Michael Schwarz both blogged about the latest addition, I decided to just post Corrina Barber's work... just very cool skins for the SL2 controls... must see this!
Hooking Data up to ListBox and Datagrid
Corrina demonstrates how to hook data up to the Listbox and Datagrid in SL2 ... go figure... just when I was associating her blog with skinning... yikes... have to add her to my blog roll for sure now! ... great explanation, pictures, code... what more could you ask for!
A New Control Skin Set
Corrina returns with yet another skin set. I'd show more of her work from her blog, but there's only 3 entries, and they're all right here! Keep 'em coming, Corrina and thanks :)

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