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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Rob Houweling tackles unpacking ZIP files in SL2, Marlon Grech on the DataGrid in Blend, Jesse Liberty on Routing & Bubbling again and discussed SL/WPF, Delay delivers SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser, Walter Oliver on IIS and SL, Jon Galloway on DeepZoom, Shawn Wildermuth on SL2 conversion issues and his Silverlight Page and SeeqPod Player being converted to SL2.

Unpacking files in Silverlight 2
Rob tackles unpacking ZIP files in SL2 using ICSharpZipLib instead of using Application.GetResourceStream... all with code :)
How can I get the DataGrid control for Silverlight 2 Beta 1 to show up in Blend?
Marlon Grech discusses the problem of the DataGrid not showing up in Blend and what we can do to make that happen.
More on Routing and Bubbling
Jesse Liberty revists Routing and Bubbling of events to address some questions posed after his previous article... all good!
Will Silverlight Controls Become More WPF Like - A Personal Opinion
We all know Jesse can't answer *all* the questions, but once again he gives an educated opinion without giving away the farm... thanks Jesse!
SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser tool and source code
Delay (1) produces and (2) gives up a very useful tool for anyone doing controls in SL2 -- "SilverlightDefaultStyleBrowser" that opens an assembly's generic.xaml and then shows you what's there... *way* cool... oh and with source I might add! And in a follow-on post, you can get this all by ClickOnce!
Configuring IIS for Silverlight Applications
I found this via Hoster Poster, and is a very nice write-up by Walter Oliver on how to take care of IIS issues surrounding Silverlight.
Why Silverlight 2 Deep Zoom Really is Something New
I found this via Shawn Wildermuth, and is a great article on DeepZoom by Jon Galloway. Examples, Links, source... everything you wanted!
Converting ASP.NET 2.0 to 3.5 for sites that use Silverlight 1.0
Shawn Wildermuth has been busy this weekend converting things to SL2, and this post discusses possible issues you may have doing this yourself.
My Silverlight Page now using Silverlight 2
Shawn's very nice Silverlight Page is now converted to SL2 and he provides a list of lessons learned.
Silverlight SeeqPod Player now Silverlight 2 (with SourceCode)
Shawn has also converted his SeeqPod player to SL2, made some changes, and included source code! Thanks Shawn!

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