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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Tim Heuer revisits SL2 and WS, Jesse Liberty discussing how to get SL assistance, Bill Reiss on the DispatcherTimer, Pete Brown has links up for his WebCast on the 19th, Mike Taulty on SL2 sockets, Andy Beaulieu on asmx WS in SL2, Chrisshayuk on WCF and Authenticated sites in SL, "DaveDev" posted all his presentation materials and source.

Calling services from Silverlight 2 part 2
In a genius move, I put Tim's link as the title and not sure what went in as the link at, but this post is correct and I'll fix it in the database tonight... this is a good follow-on to Tim's prior article on WS, and takes some constructive comments into consideration.
Tip of the Day - What to Expect in Silverlight Help
Jesse Liberty explains how to get Silverlight help various ways without (hopefully) getting totally frustrated.
The DispatcherTimer Interval Property
Bill Reiss has been playing with the DispatcherTimer and may have found another way to produce a Game Loop... wait for further tests!
Links from Today's Silverlight 2 for Business Applications Webcast
In case you missed Pete's well-done presentation yesterday, he has the links up on his site... including the source for the Woodgrove Bank demo... good stuff! ... check back for the webcast itself.
Silverlight 2 & Sockets
Mike Taulty took a shot at playing with sockets in SL2 and shared all his code with all of us... thanks Mike!
Calling an .asmx Web Service in Silverlight 2
Andy Beaulieu presents some tips for calling asmx Web Services in SL2 ... this seems to be a hot topic for Sl2, so the more voices the better!
Silverlight, WCF and ASP.NET Authenticated Sites
Chrishayuk gives us some good WCF code for SL2. I can't get to blogspot from where I currently am, but my notes read "Full wcf service that provides authentication", so I hope that's right :)
Creating Amazing User Experiences on the Microsoft Platform - available for download now!
You need to check out all the links, but this is the result of a presentation that Dave made at the Financial Developers Conference session online, and all the source, deck, and link-o-rama... lots of resources... and good stuff.. thanks Dave!

Stay in the 'Light!

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