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Jesse Liberty on Getting Started with SL2, Tim Sneath on Silverlight Streaming, Michael Schwarz on SL2 breaking changes and updating his Surface demo to SL2, Delay added databinding to his HTMLTextBlock sample, Pete Brown on SL2 and WCF, Brad Abrams on the release of the SL2 Control Code, Frank Lavigne and Chrishayuk both on Cross-Domain issues, Jose Fajardo updated his Media player to SL2, and not SL, but Karen Corby gave up the source to her SnippetManager!

Tip of the Day: Getting Started With Silverlight 2
Jesse Liberty takes a good shot at explaining how to get started with Silverlight 2 including links to everything needed.
Uploading Silverlight 2 Content to Silverlight Streaming
Tim Sneath explains how to create a manifest file and upload your Silverlight 2 app to Silverlight Streaming... good info!
Breaking Changes in Silverlight 2
Michael Schwarz gives a lead-in to an MSDN article about the Silverlight 2 breaking changes. If your code isn't working, take a look at this!
Surface Demo - Silverlight 2 Update and DeepZoom
Michael Schwarz updated his Silverlight Surface demo to 2 and added DeepZoom. I didn't see that code was available although it may be, but hang around... the code IS available for the previous version, so it might yet be for 2 (if not already) ... was that confusing?
HtmlTextBlock sample gets data binding support!
Delay updated his code from the other day to add databinding in response to a comment.
WCF Integration in Silverlight 2 Beta 1
Pete Brown dug into a bunch of WCF technologies as he prepared for the WebCast I just watched: WCF in general, Exception Handling, and CrossDomain Support... all good stuff, and watch his blog for the material from the WebCast!
A Start at Test Driven Development with Silverlight 2
Brad Abrams details the fulfillment of the promised release of source for the SL2 Controls and the entire Test Suite for use with it... I'm sure there's fine print to read, but wow!
Silverlight 2 Cross Domain Web Proxy Utility
Frank Lavigne gives us code to access any file type regardless of policy on any site you control.
Cross Domain Security Practices
Chrishayuk discusses the perils and issues surrounding having and maintaining a service on your site that allows flash or SL to access.
Showing off the power of Silverlight 2.0 - Windows Media Player redone
Jose Fajardo updated his Media Player to Sl2 ... if you haven't seen this... you should!
Not Silverlight, but very cool... when Karen Corby gave her talk at MIX she used a snippet tool to drop code into her app. I asked a couple MS folks about it later and was told Karen wrote it and would be blogging about it later. Well... it's now later :) ... not only has she given it up, but source too... go figure :) ... thanks Karen!!

Stay in the 'Light!

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