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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Jeff Paries with OOJS part 2, Chrishayuk with a fix to a listbox stretch problem, Karen Corby gives up FlickrViewr, Mike Ormond details the mouse wheel, Shawn Burke discussing the SL2 controls and downloads, Cameron Albert on Multi-Threading SL, SilverlightSDK on the SL docs, and Tim Heuer on SL2 and Web Services.

Object-oriented Javascript Part 2
Jeff Paries comes back with part 2 in his OOJS sequence and getting into stuff I need to read too!
Stretches that don't work for ListBoxItems
Chrishayuk examines a listbox stretch problem that isn't consistent between WPF and SL2 and offers up a workaround for the time being... very cool :)
Karen Corby gives details of her Flickr Viewer she demonstrated at MIX and has the source available as well... thanks Karen!
More on the mouse wheel
An article a few days old from Mike Ormond on using the mouse wheel
Silverlight 2 Beta 1 Controls Available, including Source and Unit Tests
This is a MIX day 1 article from Shawn Burke detailing the SL2 controls and downloads.... all good information still!
Multi-threading in Silverlight
Now there's two words I didn't expect to hear together, or is it 3 words? Multi-threading in SL... I'm going to have to read that post a couple more times ;) ... great stuff, Cameron!
What about the docs?
There's docs?? ... seriously... check out the documentation with SL, it's easier than asking a question on the forum and having someone give you a page reference :)
Calling web services with Silverlight 2
Tim Heuer, riding the CodeTrip bus and slamming Silverlight code ... go figure... Tim gets more done on a bus than I do sitting here! ... good stuff, Tim!

Stay in the 'Light!

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