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Pete Brown on DPI in Blend, Joe Stagner on SL and Security, Laurence Moroney on DeepZoom in C#, SL Developer Center at Yahoo!, Epression Team Blog posted DeepZoom Composer User's Guide and Example, Imran Shaik on URI Inconsistencies, SL2 and the DOM, and some very nice gradients in XAML.

DPI Matters in Blend
Pete Brown discusses DPI in Blend and why that should matter to us in SL2... I'm glad someone is out there ahead of me :)
Some Blog Posts on Silverlight Security
Joe Stagner has aggregated some links and info about Silverlight and Security... should be investigated by us all!
DeepZoom in C# - Not just possible, but easy
Laurence Moroney gives a great lesson on doing DeepZoom in C# ... just what everyone was looking for :) ..Thanks Laurence!
Silverlight Developer Center on Yahoo! Developer Network
Straight from the Yahoo! folks comes a Silverlight Developer Center... resources, links, good stuff!
Deep Zoom Composer User Guide
The Expression Team Blog posted a DeepZoom Composer user's guide... it's in PDF format, go get it!
Deep Zoom Composer Example (Updated)
The Expression Team Blog also posted an updated DeepZoom Composer example.
Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 Uri inconsistency
Imran Shaik posted this first, but because I'm trying to blog the new stuff then catch up, this article is coming late. More info isn't a bad thing!
Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 Initialisation - Deception
Imran continues his SL2 investigation of SL2 and the DOM.
Vista Gradients Resources Pack 1
Imran also posted some XAML of some very nice gradients we can all make use of I'm sure... thanks Imran!

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