Silverlight Cream for March 11, 2008 - 2 -- #217

Adam Kinney posted an aggregation of links to great SL2 postings, Celso and Kirupa posted their WPF app from MIX, Koen Zwikstra posted SL2 code for P2P to CodePlex and updated his Reversi game as well, Joe Stegman posts a DeepZoom version of the SL2 poster we all got, and gives out the code to the DataGrid example in his session at MIX, Ashish Shetty on transcoding media files, The Epression Team Blog with a DeepZoom example using Mousewheel/Pan/Click-Zoon, and Michael Washington with a first SL2 in DNN example.

As I predicted, the Silverlight world is very busy right now. I 'Creamed 5 posts this morning, and I've got 8 tonight, and none of that was catching me up!

Great conference in Phoenix today with Scott Guthrie, Eugene Osovet, Ben Waggoner, and Remy Pairault... thank you AZGroups and all the presenters for your time, not to metion all the sponsors!

Catching up with Silverlight 2
Adam Kinney takes a first shot at all the goodness that's appeared since SL2 went Beta 1 last week... this is a great aggregation of links to good stuff!
MIX08 Session: Applications = Designers + Developers
Celso and Kirupa posted not only their PPT deck for their WPF talk, but also the entire project... yes this is WPF, and yes this is XAML and there's a lot of learning in the Expression part as well... don't skip this!
Live Messenger P2PLib migrated to Silverlight 2 Beta 1
Koen Zwikstra has uploaded an updated SL2 P2P library to CodePlex and has also updated his Reversi game... both are listed in this one blog post... very cool, Koen!
Deep Zoom version of Silverlight 2 Developer Reference Poster
In a very cool useful example of DeepZoom, Joe Stegman has the poster we all got at MIX scanned and run through the DeepZoom composer. He has the code necessary to run it, including JS if you want to go that way... all the benefits of having the poster and not having to figure out where to hang it :)
DataGrid Sample from Mix08
In a third MIX08 session post, Joe Stegman has the DataGrid sample from his talk laid out.
Transcoding media files for Silverlight
Ashish Shetty in another post today... this one I have a direct link to, go figure! ... this one discusses transcoding media files... all good, thanks!
Deep Zoom Sample with MouseWheel / Pan / Click-Zoom
The Expression Team Blog posted a great DeepZoom Example with Mousewheel, pan, zoom, and source :)
Silverlight 2.0 with DotNetNuke
Michael Washington's first whack at SL2 and DNN... Looking good, Michael! -- with source, of course :)

Stay in the 'Light!

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posted @ Tuesday, March 11, 2008 9:34 PM

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