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Delay blogged some SL2 controls info, Shawn Burke's SL2 article, Imran Shaik on SL, Flash and the DOM, Pete Brown's upcoming SL2 schedule, chrishayuk's articles on the Cross Domain Policy and Isolated Storate all SL2, of course.

SL2 isn't here yet, and I've got 6 posts for you just today... better get a seat belt for after we get the beta!

A better web is coming [Silverlight 2 is on the way!]
With everyone else posting, Delay posted some cool Information about SL2 and this is from someone actually building the controls for us... definitely worth a read, and a link :)
Getting to know Silverlight 2 Beta 1
This is the infamous Shawn Burke blog post referenced by Koen Zwikstra on Saturday, without the extra screenshot that Koen saved :)
Silverlight 2.0 Initialisation Improvement
After an on-going discussion on the SilverlightCream Yahoo group about SL and the DOM, Imran Shaik decided to put together his knowledge of SL and Flash to demonstrate his point... good stuff, Imran, thanks!
Upcoming Silverlight 2 Talks and Webcasts
Now I don't know if Pete Brown knows something we all don't, but he's already got his dance-card lined up with Silverlight 2 Talks and Webcasts!
Silverlight 2 and the Flash Cross Domain Policy Files
I normally can't get to blogspot, but since I found myself at home today, I found chrishayuk's SilverlightUK blog alive with a couple SL 2 articles, the first on the Cross Domain Policy Files... great information.
Isolated Storage in Silverlight 2
In a somewhat less enthusiastic post, chrishayuk talks about the perception of what we're going to find, or not, in SL2 Isolated Storage.

Stay in the 'Light!


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