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Jeff Paries is back today with Glowing edges with Animated Clipping Paths, Tim Sneath announced Video Show 1.0, Jesse Liberty talks about 2.0, and the Expression Team announces some free virtual labs.

Glowing edges with animated clipping paths
LOL... I did see the comment, Jeff ... and no matter what you say, I think this is a very cool example! Maybe it's the number of times I've done similar things with Paint Shop Pro, but doing it the way you have here is seriously cool and code I will be using, thanks!
Video.Show 1.0 Released to Web
Tim Sneath announed the release of VideoShow 1.0, and this is serious Silverlight goodness. Not only does it provide a purpose, and do so, but it looks good while doing it!
Tip of the Day - Getting Ready for Silverlight 2
I like to post one of Jesse's every now and then just to make sure everyone goes out and looks at what he's doing... there's goodness there every day, and I'm only hitting the high spots!... This is one from last week, but goes straight to the heart of all the "I'm waiting for 2.0" folks out there :)
Free Training: New Microsoft Expressions Virtual Labs
This is a little over a week old, but it has links to free Virtual labs for the Expression Suite ... definitely worth a look

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Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2008 12:17 PM Silverlight , Silverlight 1.0 , Silverlight .NET 1.1 , Silverlight Cream | Back to top

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