Silverlight Loaded and OnLoad Tests Revisited

On Monday morning, when I blogged about testing Loaded=, I said I would revisit the post and comment about any improvements in IE6.

My GlyphMap utility seems *very* solid now that I've modified the code that injects the JS for the Silverlight articles. I kept clicking refresh, and it never failed. I could not do that prior to the change. Sometimes I couldn't get it to display the Glyph content at all!

I didn't comment on this yesterday because there was one hold-out and I wanted to get a look at the code before I said anything about it.

The 'OutlookBar' in the right-hand sidebar of is one of the canvases that wasn't exactly solid. The basic canvas holds only a TextBlock with the text "Loading Menu...". Once things start loading, the menu information is read from SQL Server and displayed appropriately. Quite often, all that would be displayed was "Loading Menu...", particularly when running the BlogRoll.

I did view->source on a page and saw that the JS for the OutlookBar was at the bottom of the page, below the form actually, so I needed to see what I was doing in the code. I was expecting to find that I was injecting that code and had picked the wrong parameters or something.

What I found was that the JS was not injected, it was simply at the bottom of the file ... not sure why I did that, but I'm sure I had a good reason at the time :) ... So I moved that code up inside the head of the MasterPage, and rebuilt/redeployed this morning.

Now I find the OutlookBar fully populated even with the BlogRoll on the screen... so in addition to the issue I repaired Monday morning resolving Loaded= problems, I believe I've answered the question about the OutlookBar not loading all the time.

In case you didn't notice, the Silverlight Loaded and OnLoad Tests page shows you the order those things fire:

1) Page OnLoad -- I didn't demonstrate this in that page, but it's first

2) Child canvases -- In order top to bottom in the xaml -- I just tested this one

3) Outer canvas

4) the control OnLoad

Quite possibly good to know information if you're having problems with something.

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Dan Wahlin has put up his code, ppt, and a 57 minute video about his Desert Code Camp presentation a couple months ago... good stuff!

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I was at Dan's Desert Code Camp presentation in September, and it was very good. I can't believe he has produced a 57 minute video showing us how to do all that... wow... like attending the session again... so don't miss this!

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