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Late Cream for today: Ink Drawing by Julia Lerman, Seema Ramchandani exposes EnableRedrawRegions, and Shawn Wildermuth exposes a Clipping Path Transform problem.

Silverlight and Ink: Drawing
Another old post, this one from Julia Lerman. I found this while searching for an answer for someone on the forum about drawing complex objects. At first I thought this was simply (yeah right) an Ink drawing app, but there are multiple pages, and it becomes much more and very cool.. plus since it is 1.0 you can, well, you know... get the source :)
Perf Debugging Tips: EnableRedrawRegions & a performance bug in VideoBrush
This from Seema Ramchandani, who is apparently a PM for Avalon, by way of Pete Brown discusses SL redraws and how to track them with "EnableRedrawRegions". Plus along the way, found and reported a performance bug with VideoBrush.
Clipping Path Transformations Don't Work in Silverlight?
Shawn Wildermuth back in again finding and dealing with issues during presentations ... that can't be fun! This one, however, there's no workaround...

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Posted on Friday, January 18, 2008 3:52 PM Silverlight , Silverlight 1.0 , Silverlight .NET 1.1 , Silverlight Cream | Back to top

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On the clipping path problem - right, I couldn't get the oval clipping path to work either but I did find a work-around and got a spotlight effect working in Silverlight. You can see it at If anyone is interested, I'll post the whole solution. It is definitely a kluge but the effect turned out pretty nice. BTW I used clipping paths for the 4 "zoom windows" at the bottom of the index page on that site, too.
Left by Dana Huff on Jan 19, 2008 11:21 AM

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