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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Merry Christmas from SilverlightCream -- Here's a whole bunch of things that found it's way into SilverlightCream over the last couple weeks but for one reason or another was never blogged... enjoy!

Christmas Ball Breaker
From Frank at Frank's world -- something to take the stress out of the holidays :)
Why Can't I "Go Live" with Silverlight 1.1 Alpha?
Tim Sneath discusses SL 1.1 and why you may have problems with some 1.0 sites among other things
3D collision detection, the code
This one I just dropped the ball on, because Michael posted the source to his 3D collision code shortly after the article. Jesse Liberty got *way* ahead of me on his "Did You Know series:

Did You Know That... Microsoft Expression Encoder will not only encode your movie but create a player for you
Did You Know That... createObjectEx is really just a wrapper around createObject?
Did You Know That... Microsoft Expression Encoder is available for 180 day free trial?
Did You Know That... you must set isWindowless to true to use HTML overlays?
Did You Know... There are two ways to pass data to your Silverlight 1.0 control on creation
Did You Know That... the second way to pass information to your Silverlight control is through the seventh (context) parameter
Silverlight 1.1's BrowserHttpWebRequest Bug
Sean Wildermuth reports a problem he found while playing with Astoria and Silverlight
creating silverlight player templates part 2
Tim Heuer continued his custem expression encoder article by talking about the latest offering from the expression team.
Building a Great Media Driven Web Site (with Silverlight and ASP.NET)
This is a Talk Brad Abrams gave that he offers up full slides and demo from.
Silverlight 2.0 - How to design the blog theme with Silverlight
Michael Sync details the steps of setting up a new page theme in Silverlight 2.0
Silverlight - World Map
Imran Shaik has been answering questions on the forums and said he was working on a xaml world map, and is now ready to show it off!
Silverlight 2.0: Project template for self-resizing applications
Laurent Bugnion posted a short article on his normal start-up of a new SL application to avoid problems with resizing

Stay in the 'Light!

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