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Catching up on items I've located -- looks like I waited too long: Jesse Liberty explains the Expression Suite and opens discussion on continuing with 1.0; Shawn Wildermuth explains how to get 1.0 Intellisense in VS2008 and gives up the source for; Pete Brown continues his exploration and discussion of the Downloader; Tiago Epifânio posted Pong in 1.0; The Expression Team is hosting a 1.0 'FireStarter' session in Redmond the end of November; The 1.0 SDK was updated on the 16th; and a plugin is available for Expression Encoder to publish directly to Streaming Service.

From, now containing 302 entries: Source Now Available
Shawn Wildermuth Made the source available for his mashup of Astoria, Entity Framework, and Silverlight 1.1
Silverlight Streaming Publishing Plug-In for Expression Encoder
This is a plugin for Expression Encoder that allows you to publish directly to Streaming Service.
Microsoft® Silverlight™ 1.0 Software Development Kit
The Silverlight 1.0 SDK has been updated .. no notice on what may be different.
Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter - Free Training
Microsoft will be hosting a free 1-day even in Redmond the end of the month... dang... too far to drive :(
Silverlight Pong Game
Tiago Epifânio (I hope that's right --- that was a cut-and-paste job) has a simple 1.0 pong game up. No 'source' as such, but it's 1.0, so if you want to see it or expand on it, you can find it :)
More on How Assemblies are Downloaded in Silverlight 1.1
Pete Brown Digs deeper in his explanation of the Downloader
Am I over-emphasizing 1.0?
Jesse Liberty throws the floor open to discussion after his webcast on Silverlight 1.0
Getting Intellisense for Silverlight in VS 2008
Shawn Wildermuth Explains how to get Intellisense with Silverlight 1.0 in VS2008
So Many Tools - So Little Time!
Jesse Liberty Explains the differences and uses for the tools in the Expression Suite

Stay in the 'Light!

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