Silverlight Cream for November 2, 2007 -- #116

I've been jammed up the last couple days, so this Cream is only ones submitted to me, later I'll do the ones I've found: Pete Brown displays a great SL1.1 Tree View and Animated Wrap Panel - with code; Gwynn Kruger of SilverSpud explains what Dependency properties are and then goes on to show how to set and get them in C# and XAML; and Tim Sneath bails out folks like me with SL 1.1 versioning problems

Calling Silverlight 1.1 Developers: Do You Need to Update Your Machine?
Tim Sneath comes to the rescue of folks like me that got jammed up on versions and are being prompted to update Silverlight.
Dependency properties, conceptually explained
Gwynn Kruger jumps back in and explains for us what dependency properties are... why we'd use them and how.
Dependency properties, setting them in xaml and in C#
Gwynn then goes on to explain how to set and get dependency properties in C# and XAML.
Silverlight 1.1 TreeView and Animated Wrap Panel Controls with Source Code
From Pete Brown at, a very nice-working SL 1.1 Tree view and Wrap Panels app with code -- thanks Pete!

Stay in the 'Light!

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posted @ Friday, November 2, 2007 6:37 AM

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