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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Web Analytics for Silverlight from the ISV Developer Evangelism Team; Jesse Liberty has a video on discussing interacting with HTML, and he and Tim Heuer have banded together to extend Jesse's Hypervideo; Laurence Moroney digs into Silverlight.js a bit to determine if Silverlight is installed among other things; and via Scott Guthrie, we're introduced to Gerard Leblanc's SL 1.1 blog

Gerard Leblanc
For those of you that don't read Scott Guthrie's blog [shame on you :) ] I'm repeating Gerard's link ... great SL 1.1 blog!
integrating data with silverlight and media
Tim Heuer & Jesse Liberty got together on this one... that's two groups of two in two days... I'm noticing a pattern, and I forgot to pick a partner! ahem... yes well... this is a collaboration video extrapolating Jesse's Hypervideo concepts.
How to Check if Silverlight is installed
This was slightly touched on by a post the other day, but Laurence Moroney ferrets out this and more fun info using Silverlight.js
Reach Out And Touch HTML
Jesse Liberty Posted talks about Silverlight controls that can interact with your HTML.
Web Analytics For Silverlight
Wanna try to figure out how many folks have been viewing your Silverlight bits?

Stay in the 'Light!

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