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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
Michael Washington posted a DNN/Silverlight Picture album viewer; Andy Britcliffe posted an article to help debug Silverlight no-show issues; vivekdalvi discusses XamlReader.Load; Craig Dunn has an example of combining Silverlight and Virtual Earth; Bob Familiar discusses Silverlight 1.1 and Web Services; and Dave Campbell [that's me :) ] posted a write-up on the Desert Code Camp III Silverlight presentation of a Silverlight 1.0 Outlook Bar

Silverlight Album
Michael Washington does another Dot Net Nuke/Silverlight app of a very nice picture album viewer
Deploying a Silverlight application to IIS and nothing shows up?
Andy Britcliffe posted a very nice article to help figure out why your Silverlight isn't working.
InitializeFromXaml Vs XamlReader.Load
An old (May 8, 2007) article by vivekdalvi discusses using XamlReader.Load and how it's different from WPF.
TileClient08: Google Earth/Moon/Mars/Virtual Earth and Silverlight
Craig Dunn is mashing up Silverlight and Virtual Earth, with explanation on his blog.
Adopting Silverlight - An Architects Point of View
This article by Bob Familiar came to me by way of Andrew Duthie, and is a good write-up on Silverlight 1.1 and Web Services -- yes there are many others, but anything with code that works is worth a look :)
Silverlight 1.0 Outlook Bar
This is the explanation of my presentation at Desert Code Camp III. The zip file of all source shown is available on the article, and fully-functional Outlook Bar sample in Silverlight 1.0 demonstrated with code.

Stay in the 'Light!

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