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Early Cream for August 1: Tim Sneath exposes how to add the 'Silverlight Bling' to your blog or site; LiquidBoy continues in building his iTunes player, and Pavel Šavara has an Alpha Tribute to Ant Attack also with source!

Since this is early, there may be updates later, so check back :)


How to Embed Silverlight Content in Almost Any Web Page
I've enjoyed having the rotating logo on my site since Mike Harsh first blogged it after MIX, and today Tim Sneath has exposed a way for everyone to have it very easily, plus shows how to put some Silverlight on your blog... good stuff.
iTunes Project
LiquidBoy continues and is up to Step 18 now discussing consuming web services... and as always, with code.
Tribute to Ant Attack
Pavel Šavara sent me his link while I was out of town and by the time I looked at it, the update had hit. He's got it working with the new bits now and I think the interesting part to me is tying the views together... and source is available.

Stay in the 'Light!

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