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Celso has updated Nibbles to RC and added a Samples section; Michael Schwarz talks about the Alpha Configuration Tool; Mark Johnston has uploaded some screencasts; Tim Heuer discusses the RC with links to resources and good converted sites, then discusses updating streamed apps; Richard Z has updated his Jelly Graphs to RC and added 'Overload'; Deck and code for Public Sector Webcast about Silverlight and ASP.NET Futures; and a work-around if JS intellisense isn't working on VS2008 Beta 2

Nibbles 'Samples'
Celso opened a new section on Nibbles of Samples... no explanation, but all the code... good Silverlight 1.1 and WPF examples!
Silverlight Configuration Tool
Michael Schwarz blogged about the Configuration tool in the Alpha SDK
6 Silverlight Screencasts (MSDN Nuggets)
Mark Johnston has made available 6 short screencasts on various topics and supplies an RSS feed for future screencasts
silverlight: get your rc on and samples updated
Tim Heuer Gives the complete release list and links to good Silverlight sites that are already up to RC.
Workaround for Beta 2 JavaScript IntelliSense and Colorization Issue
Not quite Silverlight, but if you're using VS2008 Beta 2 and are missing JS Intellisense, this might be a good article to check out.
silverlight: update your silverlight streaming apps
Tim brings up a good point for those with Streamed apps ... need to get those updated to RC as well, if necessary!
WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight for Developers
This the code and deck for the webcast convering the refresh and ASP.NET Futures
Jelly Overload
Richard Z has updated his Jelly graphs to RC and added 'Overload' Joe Stegman's Blog talks about it as well, and has a link to the source!>

Stay in the 'Light!

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