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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
There's an early list this Monday: "LiquidBoy' started blogging the building of his proposed iTunes app in Silverlight, and while Nested Master Page support in VS2008 isn't Silverlight, it IS Scott Guthrie! Later arrivals:. Also included a good front-to-back article on creating an Alpha application and deploying via streaming, and Tim Heuer reports the sessions at the VisitMIX site have been updated. Found another -- TetrisLight -- play only, no code

Project Silverlight 1.1 - 'iTunes' application development Parts 1 through 5
'LiquidBoy' has blogged the first 5 parts of his excursion through building an application in Silverlight. So far it's concepts and layouts.
VS 2008 Nested Master Page Support
As always, if it's Scott Guthrie, it's NOT noise. Nested Master Pages in VS2008 is the focus, and with all the people using Orcas for Silverlight 1.1, there's a connection to Silverlight as well :)
Building Web Pages Using Microsoft Silverlight New!
'Introductory' to me doesn't mean having to d/l and run Orcas and Blend, but if Alpha is the way you wanna go, this is a pretty good walk-through all the way through zipping the project up and deploying through a Streaming account.
MIX07 sessions updated New!
Tim Heuer reports the visitMIX Site has been updated, particularly in the area of the presentations using Silverlight to allow fast forwarding to index points!
TetrisLight New!
I found this one on the Silverlight forum... no code and it runs pretty fast... but the concept is definitely there!

Stay in the 'Light!

Silverlight Web Articles I've tagged and My Silverlight Articles and My Silverlight Tutorials
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