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WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to
My daily Silverlight 'Pick of the Litter' from the web, I will add on as I come across others

Silverlight 1.1 - How to Create a Media Player
Chad Campbell has created a 31-minute 'walkthrough of creating a media player' in alpha video. admitted first video, but great content! ... I look forward to seeing more, Chad :)
Programming HTML with C#
The subject didn't get me, but reading a bit of what Tim Sneath said made me wonder if he was hiding in the AZGroups meeting last night. System.Windows.Browser allows full access to the HTML DOM from managed code AND lets JavaScript find it's way back in... definitely worth checking out!
WPF Hands-on-Lab: Build an Outlook 2007 UI Clone
This one is from Tim Sneath as well, and while not SIlverlight is just too cool to ignore. a 90-page lab manual on building an outlook clone in WPF... very cool... wonder who you have to work for to get the running room to produce a 90-page lab document??
Destory All Invaders
Andy Beaulieu wrote me and sent this link. Very cool invaders game over Google (?) Maps -- you pick the location. Your helicopter is reflected on the ground along with other objects flying. It's in Alpha, and I like it... are we gonna see some source, Andy ?? :)
Balder 3D Engine for Silverlight - Source Code is out New!
Michael Schwarz reported this on his blog, and has a link to the running (Alpha) demo. I think I've seen this before, but now the code is in CodePlex!


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