Silverlight Cream for June 8, 2007

My daily Silverlight 'Pick of the Litter' from the web, I will add on as I come across others

Hours of Free Training on Expression Blend and Design
Tim Sneath has been quiet for a while, but has blogged about free training at -- videos there are generally pricey, so free is great, and there are apparently 6-1/2 hours worth with more to come... watch Tim's blog.
Silverlight Isn't Just about Presentation...
An interesting article by Tim going against the popular Silverlight==UI concepts.
Silverlight: The Road Begins
I missed this on Tuesday, but Rob Conery has started working with Silverlight and blogging his way in... that's as good as a tutorial, as long as we keep seeing code :)
Silverlight Day 2: Creating A Data-driven Control
Rob Conery's 2nd day article... this is all Alpha, and all good.
Silverlight: Day 3 - Creating a Web Service-Enabled Login Control New!
Rob Conery's 3rd day article... not shrinking away from the fire... very cool stuff.. looks like weekend fodder :)
VistaDB with Silverlight
Michael Schwarz is digging into the VistaDB and what that means with regard to Silverlight Alpha. Reports of his discussion with the team included.
Creating a Vista Style button template New!
From the Expression Team blog ... very nice tutorial using Expression Design
How To: Create an Ink-Enabled Sidebar Gadget Using Silverlight New!
Gavin Gear gives everything you need to create an Ink-Enabled Silverlight Sidebar Gadget, and references his sources.


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