Silverlight Cream for June 6, 2007 -- more v1.0 breaking changes

My daily Silverlight 'Pick of the Litter' from the web, I will add on as I come across others

V 1.0 Visibility Property Breaking Change
Joe Stegman reports that "Hidden" is removed and needs to be replaced with "Collapsed ... dang... that will have an effect on my code!
V 1.0 Downloader Breaking Change
Joe Stegman Started posting changes about 8am today. This is the first, and removes synchronous downloads cross-platform. He shows js changes to make, so I don't think there is one to download.
More V 1.0 Changes
Joe's third post of the day lists 6 other items that are breaking changes. Again, not sure of a new JS release
Silverlight Tutorials
Michael Schwarz has a list of Silverlight Sessions, Tutorials, and Quickstarts.
WEBCAST FOLLOW UP: Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight (06JUN07)
For those of us that didn't attend yesterday's WebCast, here's the Code and Deck, and an Orcas link if you need it!


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