Tim Sneath's "Top Ten Reasons to use Silverlight" and other blogs and info

The web has certainly been busy this morning with Microsoft's Silverlight announcement yesterday!

Tim Sneath has been posting a lot of Vista lately, but says he's going to be doing more Silverlight shortly.

He blogged a Top Ten Reasons to use Silverlight post this morning.

Michael Schwarz posted a list of folks blogging about Silverlight.

And I'm anxious for the Silverlight Community site to come alive on the 30th!

WPF/E == Silverlight

Announced yesterday at the National Association of Broadcasters conference, Microsoft has named the codename project WPF/E as Microsoft Silverlight - a new, cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for building the next generation of Media Experiences and Rich Interactive Applications

Read about it on Somasegar's WebLog, or go to the Microsoft Silverlight Virtual Pressroom, or go directly to the Microsoft Silverlight Page.

I've rebranded WynApse.com with the Silverlight graphic, and made a first pass at header text at least. References to WPF/E in the articles won't change for a while, and all old links will be retained.

Let me know if there's a problem somewhere.