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J. Michael Palermo IV

WynApse Mining the Web for Silverlight so YOU don't have to February 2007 Entries
Public Sector Webcast: Developing Gadgets for the Windows Vista Sidebar Language(s): English. Product(s): Windows Vista. Audience(s): Developer. Related Industry: Education,Government. Duration: 90 Minutes Start Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2007 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) Event Overview Windows Sidebar Gadgets are lightweight programmable objects that provide real-time, always-available access to information from a web service or application. This session will introduce you to the ......

Posted On Friday, February 23, 2007 7:13 AM

FREE ASP.NET AJAX Training from Microsoft E-Learning
Link to David Hayden, C# MVP for more information.

Microsoft is offereing a free 2-hour E-Learning Clinic:

Clinic 5230: Developing Enhanced Web Experiences with Microsoft® ASP.NET AJAX Extensions

Posted On Thursday, February 22, 2007 2:07 PM

WPF/E GlyphMap Utility
While I was working on the Glyph Explorer code, I kept thinking of the Windows tool, charmap, and how I could use it to display the character codes of any font. It struck me that it would be very cool to have a GlyphMap tool to display Indice values of fonts, particularly dings.There's a lot of fun WPF/E things involved, plus the functionality of displaying the Indices needed to display a particular Glyph.As always, the xaml and JS is exposed on the page, and a zip file of all files necessary to ......

Posted On Wednesday, February 21, 2007 10:12 PM

Phoenix Non-Transit System (again)... or "Postings from an angry man"
While sitting in a parking lot this morning for 70 minutes that some pundit named either Arizona 101 East, or Arizona 51 South, I remembered an article in the Phoenix paper about a week ago about giving people with alternate fuel vehicles a sticker to allow them to drive in the HOV lane. I've got a better idea... take down the HOV signs! About 80% of the people flying past me in the HOV lane at any given time already must have Diplomatic Immunity or be the President or something, because they're ......

Posted On Wednesday, February 21, 2007 8:32 AM

WPF/E Glyph Explorer
When working on the Reflection Builder, I wanted checkboxes for showing/hiding canvases and controls. Of course, WPF/E doesn't have controls, so my first thought was to use a line of text as a checkbox with the first character being a WingDing character that looks like an unchecked checkbox. That simple statement was actually harder than it sounded because of the 'standard' fonts included in WPF/E. WingDings was not in the list. WebDings is, but WebDings doesn't have the same two boxes. On the WPF/E ......

Posted On Sunday, February 18, 2007 6:26 AM

Windows Vista for Developers Clinic
First look at Vista from the standpoint of developers... hosted by Microsoft, delivered by Interface: Introduction to Vista Application Development Introduction to .NET 3.0 framework technologies Introduction to WPF Introduction to the Vista APIs, e.g. RSS and Search Hands-on Lab Phoenix – March 23, 2007 Phoenix Microsoft Office2929 Central Avenue, Suite 1400Phoenix, Arizona 85012Registration: 8:30 amEvent: 9:00 am -12:00 pmRegister: ......

Posted On Thursday, February 15, 2007 7:43 AM

Happy Valentine's Day
From the mind of J.Michael Palermo IV.

And be sure to take the link at the bottom to the next one!

Posted On Wednesday, February 14, 2007 10:26 AM

WPF/E 3D These guys are really pushing the WPF/E Envelope!
This is, obviously, from the folks that brought the Vista in WPF/E app that was flying around the web a couple weeks ago, and now they're demonstrating doing some 3D manipulations in WPF/E!

Posted On Tuesday, February 13, 2007 9:19 AM

Microsoft's Developers Academy Presentation & Demo Materials

In case you haven't seen his blog post, Ohad has listed links to all this material on his blog.

Posted On Tuesday, February 13, 2007 8:03 AM Search Engine

This is from Microsoft and uses flash, but it's clever if you have some time to kill:

Posted On Monday, February 12, 2007 11:58 AM

AVG Free Anti-Virus v7.5 and Office products problems resolved!
I upgraded both my workstation and laptop to v7.5 yesterday and immediately the spreadsheet I had been using for my UOP Student's classroom progress was showing up as having a virus. I didn't believe it because I originated the spreadsheet and wrote the macros myself. I started scrounging through the forums mostly because I couldn't open the file. I finally figured out I could turn off the Resident Shield and open the xls file, but that was a poor solution. Tons of folks were writing in about it, ......

Posted On Sunday, February 11, 2007 12:12 PM

How to 'Drag' objects in the WPF/E Canvas
I posted my Reflection Builder code last weekend, and haven't had a chance to discuss some of the things that are inside that block of code, so I thought I'd start with moving canvas elements around with the mouse, which can loosely be called drag and drop. Strictly-speaking I wouldn't call it drag and drop but more of a 'slide' because the elements still assume their canvas position in the xaml, so although you're moving things, their position relative to each other in the Z-Axis as it were, stays ......

Posted On Friday, February 9, 2007 12:45 PM

WPF/E Video Reflection
Boy this was so simple I cracked up when I saw it work. After the presentation at INETA where I described that once an object is on the canvas it is 'an object' and you can deal with it like any other object, I got to thinking about putting a wmv file into the Reflection Builder code... and it worked just fine! Grrr... I forgot the xaml...At the last minute, I decided to post the animation on the article page, and forgot to bring the xaml code over. I'll fix that tonight.Another note:WPF/E doesn't ......

Posted On Tuesday, February 6, 2007 5:53 AM

What's new in the February CTP of WPF/E
As many have blogged, me included, the February CTP of WPF/E is out.

Ratting through the SDK to find what's new is painful, so it's great that there's a post at WPF/E Developer Content (wpfedevcon) detailing What's new in the February WPF/E CTP.

Posted On Monday, February 5, 2007 3:32 PM

WPF/E Reflection Builder application presented at Phoenix INETA meeting

We had a great time today at the Phoenix INETA meeting seeing presentations on all things Vista.

I presented on WPF/E and built a Reflection Builder application to help in figuring out all the settings involved:

Posted On Saturday, February 3, 2007 7:34 PM

WPF/E QuickStart Updated for the February CTP

The QuickStart has been updated to go along with the CTP we got the other day.

Here's the link from the WPF/E Team.

and on the right-hand side is the link to the February SDK.

Posted On Saturday, February 3, 2007 7:58 AM

Don't forget the Vista Roll-out at the INETA meeting in Phoenix February 3!
I blogged this a while back, but it's coming up tomorrow! Plus I've been quiet about WPF/E lately because I'm working on a presentation for this meeting </shameless plug> From a message posted to AZGroups by Lorin Thwaits: We're geared up to celebrate this weekend with our own launch event sponsored by the good folks at INETA. They're providing five copies of Vista to give out, and we'll also have a few more prizes as well. The fun begins at 2pm on Saturday at UAT, and goes until 5pm.The nice ......

Posted On Friday, February 2, 2007 8:08 AM

February WPF/E CTP Partially Live
Because of the problems with WPF/E timing out last evening, Microsoft has deployed the February control early (IMHO). There is a new agHost.js as well, but the SDK and samples aren't up yet. Mike Harsh blogged about it last night but unfortunately I didn't see it until this morning, and can't get to my site to update the agHost file there, so that'll be dead all day :( Here's the links: Windows Installer Mac Installer agHost.js and keep an eye on the WPF/E Dev Center for more info (plus the SDK updates) ......

Posted On Thursday, February 1, 2007 7:39 AM

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