Windows Embedded for Application Developers
If you are an application developer and you’re tempted by “the dark side” (Embedded devices), don’t miss this series of webcasts organized by Arrow and Adeneo Embedded: In a series of four webcasts I’ll try to explain why using an embedded OS (Windows Embedded Standard 7) can be a good way to improve the reliability of your system and reduce maintenance costs ......
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Events, events and more events… (and some trainings too!)
Sorry for not having been active on this blog (and forums) lately, I’ve been very busy with my new activity as a self-employee, but now I reached an agreement with my boss (myself) and I’ll try to post more regular updates here. If you want to discover something about the latest releases of Windows Embedded operating systems you’ll have many chances in the upcoming weeks. Connect with Windows Embedded The “Connect with Windows Embedded” event at MS-Italy headquarters in Milan will provide a good ......
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WES7 in Rome and WEC7 in Bologna
I’m sorry for not having updated this blog for some time… If you want to meet me in person (and maybe to tell me how lazy I am in updating my blog) you will have two chances this month! The first one will allow you to learn something more about Windows Embedded Standard 7 and test it in an hands-on lab. It will happen at Microsoft’s offices in Rome (V.le Avignone 10) on the 23rd. You’ll find more information and the registration page here: ......
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Embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge
If you have a good idea for a cool embedded device based on Windows Embedded 7 and some free time to work on it you can partecipate to the Embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge. Just submit a short paper describing your idea and, if your idea is one of the 75 selected by the judges, you’ll receive some hardware to put your idea in practice and a chance to attend ESC Boston for free and win 15.000 dollars. The latest challenge has been won by Marco Bodoira, a fellow Italian embedded developer, so I ......
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