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Microsoft Embedded Conference, the week after

Ecco il resoconto della splendida giornata trascorsa in quel di Napoli a parlare di sistemi embedded: Un grazie a Paolo, Michele, Antonio e a tutti i ragazzi di .NET Campania che hanno saputo organizzare perfettamente l’evento e far ricordare a un “nordico” come il sottoscritto che al Sud l’ospite è sempre trattato come un re ......

Why should I use an Embedded Operating System on an Embedded Device (updated 21/4/2013) ?

This is a good question when it comes from people with no experience on embedded devices and a very bad one when you hear it coming from people that work on embedded devices. “I’m using a PC inside my embedded device, so I can use Windows as I use it on my PC” this is usually a statement made by people who actually design bad embedded devices. And those devices are not bad because they use a PC-based hardware (using a PC may be a good solution for some kind of devices where developing a custom board ......