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Windows Embedded Compact 7 Online Training


If you want to increase your knowledge about Windows Embedded Compact and want to hear my voice, you can go to the brand new Windows Embedded Compact 7 Online Training website and check all the videos (many of them recorded by me, so be prepared for a funny accent!) showing many of the features and tools of this real time embedded OS from Microsoft.

So, buy the pop-corn, sit on your most confortable chair and enjoy the show!

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On the Road(Map)


The new roadmap of Windows Embedded has been announced, this is great news for anyone that wants to use Windows Embedded technologies in her/his device. Roadmaps are usually stuff for marketing people, but as a technician is important to know that you are basing your product on a system that is going to be supported for some years and that you can evolve it and will not have to re-design it completely to change its OS (unless this proves to be more convenient, of course!).

Here you can read the press release:

and here Olivier Bloch’s summary (the part that should interest tech people):

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Per chi ha tempo e voglia di fare quattro chiacchiere sui sistemi embedded microsoft, il sottoscritto parteciperà al TOSM, dal 16 al 18 Novembre a Torino e, in qualità di speaker, a WPC 2011, il principale evento formativo Italiano per le tecnologie Microsoft dal 22 al 24 Novembre a Milano (Assago).


Saranno due occasioni per presentare queste tecnologie a un’audience un po’ diversa da quella che di solito frequenta gli eventi embedded e per scambiare idee e opinioni con chi non lavora sui sistemi embedded ma, magari, pensa di poterli utilizzare in futuro.

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