MVP Summit 2010

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As a "freshman" MVP I had a chance to attend the MVP global summit in Bellevue (WA).

It was a great chance to meet the people working on Windows CE and Windows Embedded Standard, discover something about the features of the new releases (I can't provide more details since that information is under NDA) and meet in person some of the MVPs that I knew from their blogs, newsgroup posts and books, having a chance to connect a face to a name and learn something more from them.

Knowing some of the most active MVPs gave me the opportunity to hear their ideas and vision and, again, learn or try to learn from them as I do every time I read their newsgroup messages, articles and books.

Hearing people from the development team presenting some specific aspect of the system, answering questions and describing the reasons of some choices was also important to understand where those tecnologies are headed.

I also had a chance to play bowling with some of them and to discover that I could not hope to change my life by starting a career as a professional bowling player... luckily bowling is not so popular here in Italy!

Now I hope to be able to resume my Silverlight for Embedded tutorial with some interesting new content and upgrade XAML2CPP to allow me and other lazy developers to write even less code to support our XAML based UIs!

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