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February 2010 Entries

Pasta ricotta, zafferano e salmone

During the MVP summit I had a chance to visit Seattle and discover that all the miths about its bad weather are not true (at least during the week I spent there!). I also visited the wonderful Pike Place Market and see (and taste some) all the different kinds of fish, fruits and vegetables displayed on its stands. Salmon is, for sure, one of the most interesting products. You can see huge salmons lying on the ice of some of the stands and also being thrown in the air between the employees of the ......

MVP Summit 2010

As a "freshman" MVP I had a chance to attend the MVP global summit in Bellevue (WA). It was a great chance to meet the people working on Windows CE and Windows Embedded Standard, discover something about the features of the new releases (I can't provide more details since that information is under NDA) and meet in person some of the MVPs that I knew from their blogs, newsgroup posts and books, having a chance to connect a face to a name and learn something more from them. Knowing some of the most ......

Windows Embedded in Venice

Venerdì 5 Febbraio 2010 presso il Novotel Castellana di Mestre sarò ospite della community (una delle più attive community di sviluppatori italiane e, secondo me, quella con il nome più azzeccato) per una sessione su "WINDOWS EMBEDDED, SEGRETI E MISTERI DELLE PIATTAFORME MICROSOFT PER I DEVICES". Avrò davanti una platea di valenti sviluppatori e spero di riuscire, nel tempo a disposizione, a illustrare le caratteristiche di Windows CE e Windows Embedded Standard e, magari, a far tentare qualche ......