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Silverlight for Windows Embedded tutorial (step 3)

After the first two tutorial steps were published on this blog I received many requests about using images inside a Silverlight for Windows Embedded application. This is the topic of this post. To be able to load and use image files (jpegs,bmps,gifs) inside your application you should include the imaging library components in your OSDesign. Those component are not included automatically when you add the XAML runtime (the runtime can run also without the imaging components, it will simply not load ......


I just found (and fixed) some bugs inside the XAML2CPP tool. You can download the new release from here: http://cid-9b7b0aefe3514dc5... Changes history: ver - the application version is inserted in the generate files and written on the console - the x:Name tag of the user control is used as class name instead of the XAML file name. If no x:Name attribute is specified the XAML file name will be used ......


Before I start to explain the topic of this post I should confess one of my many defects: I'm very lazy. Someone may have noticed that from the update rate of this blog, but I really like to avoid as much work as I can. I also really like to experiment new technologies and embedded devices, and that's bad for a lazy guy because that means having to write some code... While experimenting with Silverlight for Windows Embedded I found myself trying to write some more complex samples to continue my own ......