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APIs to create APIs

I hope that the title sounds funny, because, as usual, I can't found a better one... During the last months I had to port from CE 5 to CE 6 a project where I used an undocumented feature of Windows CE 5, the ability to register an API sets. This feature allows an application, a driver or a system module to register its own APIs, that can then be accessed by application as regular OS APIs. I had to use that undocumented feature to provide some redraw functions for a custom "skin" of the Windows CE ......

Pasta cacio e pepe

I've been in Rome last week for the Windows Embedded Seminar and I had a chance to appreciate a very tasteful pasta that it's typical of that city. It's also a very simple and quick recipe, and one of my favorites when I came home late from office and I've only a few minutes to cook something edible. The ingredients list is quite short: - long pasta (spaghetti or bucatini) - grated cheesee (the original recipe uses "pecorino romano", cheesee made with sheep milk) - pepper powder - olive oil - salt ......

Gimme the right key

This post is not about lockpicking... it's about registry settings (and keys) and configuration files, but I can't manage to find a better title. You can configure a Windows CE OS Image using different kinds of configuration files. Registry files (.reg) allows you to configure the registry and, since most of the OS components read their configuration from it, it allows you to customize most of the components that you can add to your OS Design. The merge order of the reg files is somewhat counter-intuitive. ......