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Windows Embedded Seminars in Rome

I'll be attending the Windows Embedded seminar in Rome this week (25-26th of February). If you want to learn something new about Windows Embedded technologies and have a chance to test the tools during hands-on labs, this two days seminar is a very good opportunity. If you want to attend the seminar you can still register at this page: http://www.microsoftembedde... As you can see from the agenda I'll talk about Windows CE (showing some cool demos) on the first ......

Risotto pancetta, cipolle e vino rosso

Italian cooking is known for its pasta recipes, but in the part of Italy where I live (north-west) many recipes use rice instead of pasta. This is a simple but tasty way to prepare it. It's a traditional recipe that use simple and cheap ingredients to add taste to rice. Ingredients (for 4 people): - 360g rice (the kind of rice I like more for this kind of risotto is "carnaroli") - one large onion - 300g sweet beacon (not smoked is better) - two glasses of red wine (the best thing is to use the same ......

Debug Zones Blues

If you develop drivers in Windows CE you should know debug zones very well. If you don't, you should read this article on the Windows CE base team blog, and promise that you'll never ever return an error code from your driver interface functions without adding a DEBUGMSG call! This will allow other poor developers working with your driver to understand what happened in a format less cryptic than a 32 bit integer! Using debug zones is also a great way to document what's happening inside your code, ......