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Today, I released LINQ to Twitter v2.1.05, which is available via NuGet or the LINQ to Twitter Download page.

This was a critical release because Twitter changed their OAuth handling logic, as explained in the discussion, “oauth/access_token Stopped working today” on their developer site. In particular, this change requires all access_token endpoint calls to include the oauth_verifier for out-of-band, OOB, authorization. What this means is that any applications using PIN authorization with LINQ to Twitter will break or are already broken.

Impact-wise, I wasn’t seeing a problem with Console applications, but it did break Windows Phone apps. What this tells me is that the change isn’t fully implemented across the entire Twitter API, yet. However, if you’re using PIN authorization on any application type, you’ll want to upgrade to LINQ to Twitter v2.1.05 or later because this change is likely to eventually affect everyone using PIN authorization.


Posted on Monday, April 8, 2013 9:36 AM | Back to top

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