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In the Developer Preview of Windows 8, Visual Studio 11 conveniently allowed references to .NET 4.0 apps.  I had blogged previously on how to use LINQ to Twitter with Windows 8.  Subsequently, the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 no longer allowed references to .NET libraries and requires references to Windows 8 Metro Style Application Libraries.  I looked at Portable Class Libraries, but that doesn’t work because LINQ to Twitter is an IQueryable LINQ provider, which isn’t supported.  So, I redirected my focus and am pleased to announce the first beta of LINQ to Twitter for Windows 8.

The download is available on CodePlex at LINQ to TWitter for Windows 8.

In addition to the new LinqToTwitterRT.dll library, the download page includes a Windows 8 Metro Application project, MetroSearchDemo, you can use to try this out.  For an explanation of the code, you can view my previous Windows 8 post, which is similar.


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