I introduced my boss to Subversion recently, and of course he almost immediately had a problem.  It turns out that as soon as he added his computer to a different domain Tortoise wasn't working on his existing projects.  My guess is that it had to do with the Computer Name change.

The symptoms he saw as that Tortoise was not recognizing that he made changes.  In fact, neither the Update nor the Commit menu options were showing up.  Tortoise was clearly confused.  We tried a number of things including using the Tortoise installer "repair" option.  Nothing seemed to work.  Finally, I had him back up his changes (fortunately only a couple of folders) and start over:
  1. Backup entire source
  2. Delete everything under the project root (including _svn)
  3. Check out the project again
  4. Copy source back (not the old _svn)

After following this process, he was back up and running.  We are still puzzled as to what the problem was.  Clearly this solution is not ideal if you have a lot of subfolders (each with it's own _svn).  Hopefully, we never encounter this issue again.

posted on Monday, March 3, 2008 3:07 PM
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# re: SVN Hiccup
posted by Michael Cline
on 3/11/2008 8:40 PM
Just an FYI (that you might already be aware of), but if you choose the 'Export' feature when you right-click drag/drop an SVN folder it will only copy the contents (minus the .svn or _svn folders). So, while not optimal, it isn't like you have to manually search and delete all that stuff, if you 'export all' to begin with to your other location you just check it out and copy it back.
# re: SVN Hiccup
posted by Will Smith
on 3/13/2008 11:40 PM
Very cool... I was not aware of that!

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