Well, I have been thinking about hopping on the blogwagon for quite a while.  Now, I have finally done it.

For a brief introduction to me, I am a software developer of 13 years and an Agilist.  I am currently at a new start-up company, Xcis-Software.  As you can imagine, my responsibilities are extensive.  I see this as a unique opportunity to put Agile into practice from many different perspectives.

My intent for this blog is not to provide brilliant insight to the masses.  Certainly, my insight is very limited in scope.  Simply put, I want to keep an online journal of my software development experiences.  There are two compelling reasons for this.  First, it is nice to know where I have been.  If I find myself criticizing others for their technical decisions, then I need only look back a few months to recognize that I am not as smart as I thought.  Second, I want to provide a means for my friends from past collaborations to keep in touch.  Perhaps I can initiate some brainstorming sessions along the way.

Welcome to my blog.


posted on Thursday, January 17, 2008 9:04 AM


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