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Scott Hanselman just updated and/or added some terrific screencasts showcasing ASP.NET MVC, which just went wild as Preview 2 today. He talks about some significant changes from the December CTP and walks through several examples that make understanding and implementing the MVC simple, understandable, and (IMO) ultimately sellable to the uninitiated/uninterested.

He covers, with great clarity, several methods for displaying data, working with forms in CRUD operations and helper classes that will be available in MVC, several advanced techniques like attribute implemented ActionFilters and custom routing, and finally working with MVC and Test Driven Development. More specifically answering what is MVC doing to make it simple to implement unit tests in ways difficult or impossible with web forms applications.

For the uninformed or uncommitted, this is an hour that could make all the difference in their eventual adoption of ASP.NET MVC.

From: Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 Screencast Tutorials

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