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Hi there

I started working with Windows CE (aka Windows Embedded Compact) with version 4.2 somewhere in 2003, if I remember it well. Over the last 10 years I build some experience with it, so I thought it might be interesting for the few interested out there to share my (Windows CE) knowledge with you.
Making Windows CE images is not my daily main task - I am an embedded C++ software designer making industrial machines - but for most of our applications we need an RTOS and we use Windows CE for that. Back in 2003 we chose Windows CE because the Windows CE API resembled most the desktop Windows API. We had already much desktop development experience, so we thought it might be a good idea to go along with Windows CE. 
10 years later I can say that was a good choice, most of our own Windows CE C++ libraries, DLLs and EXEs projects do build for both desktop Windows and Windows CE (we put both configurations in the same Visual Studio project file). The main advantage is that we can run/debug/simulate our real-time applications with some (yes timing) constraints on our development PC as well. Especially debugging most of the code is easier on desktop Windows that on a machine. Else a good logger will do the rest.
Not that all things are bright and shiny with this approach, but good enough to get the job done. More on what I mean with that in my future posts. Stay tuned.
I will post source code. I will try to post only my source code, but sometimes I'll write about changes or additions to existing code. You might sometimes have the feeling that pieces are missing. This is simply because I will try to avoid any licensing issues. But if you have a legal copy of Windows CE Platform Builder and access to the (shared) source code, you understand what I am talking about, you can find the missing pieces.
I hope I can help you with some of my experience. As other did for me. Let us make your life (job) a bit more comfortable:-)

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