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Yesterday brought a lot of news coverage that Cisco has stopped funding and planning its Cius enterprise-grade tablet. 

Citing “market transitions” in which an increasing number of people bring their own smartphones and tablets to work, Cisco General Manager OJ Winge said in a post on the company's official blog that “Cisco will no longer invest in the Cisco Cius tablet form factor, and no further enhancements will be made to the current Cius endpoint beyond what’s available today.”  Employees are “bringing their preferences to work” and collaboration “has to happen beyond a walled garden,” he said.

The blog post also cited a recently released Cisco study which found that 95% of organizations surveyed allow employee-owned devices in some way, shape or form in the office, and, 36% of surveyed enterprises provide full support for employee-owned devices.  

How is Cisco planning to move forward to adapt to this changing business environment?  Instead of focusing on tablets for enterprise customers, Cisco will instead "double down" on software that works across a variety of operating systems and smart phones and tablets, Winge said.

See the post from the Cisco blog here -

We at Gizmox recognize this need to adapt to the changing environment.  Our Enterprise Mobile solution is designed and built for that post-PC, BYOD business world.  We recognized the importance of providing a cross-platform solution that can easily target different devices and operating systems. We went with a web-based mobile application approach in order to achieve that and we decided to go with the new open web standard - HTML5.

Our solution however provides both client and the server side programming and its uniqueness is that it allows those cross-platform HTML5 mobile applications while developing within Visual Studio using classic visual form based development. As a result, .NET developers can build secure, efficient, data-centric enterprise mobile application for cross platform mobile devices with their existing skills and tools. 

See our new video about our EnterpriseMobile solution

Enterprise applications today need to work on all devices, across different platforms and OS’s.  It’s just a fact of life. 

How about you – do you bring your own device to work?  What’s your company’s BYOD policy?

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